The purpose of seahorse...


We built seahorse so anyone, anywhere can easily understand their personality type; and then compare and share with friends, colleagues and family members.

You can have a bit of a laugh with your friends about what seahorse character you are, and learn a bit more about yourself and your friends and family. It's useful and fun at the same time!

Seahorse enables you to better understand yourself and those you interact with, so you can gain insights to improve communication and relationships. The end result? Perfect (or almost!) harmony!

Why seahorse?


This unique, colourful creature has lots of depths!

The Ancient Greeks and Romans believed the seahorse was an attribute of the sea god Neptune/Poseidon and as such, it was considered a symbol of strength and power. Similarly, the intelligent technology seahorse is built on is both powerful and strong.

Unlike other fish, seahorses mate for life, symbolising effective, enduring relationships. One of the objectives behind seahorse is to help people achieve more harmonious communications and interactions.

A relatively calm and mild-mannered creature, the seahorse is seemingly content to roam the seas. Their bodies are geared for ambling-type motion - not for speed. Thus, they are symbolic of patience and contentment. When you learn your personality type through the seahorse platform, be content and accepting of the positive attributes you possess - and use them to foster harmonious relationships.

Finally, to wit, the seahorse wraps its tail around the nearest object to anchor itself in turbulent waters. This is a lesson to be persistent and adaptable in our goals, and mindful of becoming too inflexible or stubborn in achieving them.

Hence the name seahorse - we love them!

The brains behind seahorse…

Welcome to Human Technology, an organisation at cutting edge of behavioural insight.

Founded in 2016, London-based Human Technology is on a mission to put human behaviour at the heart of personal and business decisions. To achieve this, the team has developed software that uses machine learning to measure and understand human interactions.

Human Technology is developing tools to help both individuals and businesses alike in areas such as bettering relationships, leadership and development, team building, succession planning, employee engagement and cultural development.

To enable the development of these tools, Human Technology recently created seahorse. Seahorse brings the underlying value of allowing the AI super-computer to improve itself by accessing and sifting ‘big data’. It takes many diverse people interacting with each other to assess patterns of how people co-exist. Using millions of bytes of code, the complex algorithms under seahorse’s bonnet is able to do just this.

Find out more about Human Technology and the team.

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