Welcome to seahorse....using Artificial intelligence to reveal the Natural you.

Are you a Caped Crusader? a Swashbuckler? a Gladiator? or a Shaman? Whatever personality type seahorse finds you to be, the insights will be rewarding. You’ll be empowered with a deeper understanding of the strong aspects of your personality. You can share your findings with others to see if they agree…and so they better understand why you're the way you are... ask them what character they are... Swashbucklers, Serenaders and Free Spirits are spontaneous and all agree that long-term planning is not as important as living in the moment, but don't ask Head Prefect or Model Citizens to make a decision without knowing all the facts first! Seahorse has launched with 16 character types, but watch this space - new character profiles will be unveiled as our behavioural learning . Soon we’ll have the same number of character types as there are seahorse species - currently 54!

How does seahorse work?

Seahorse will quickly analyse the way you construct written language. It’s fascinating that people of different personality types use unique combinations of words, punctuation, capitalisation, emojis, abbreviations and so forth. So in processing these aspects of your written communication, seahorse will accurately pinpoint your personality type. Seahorse analyses the anonymous, ‘random’ content of your sent email messages; it does this securely and quickly, using Artificial Intelligence (AI), machine learning and super-computing. There’s nothing sinister, seahorse is totally anonymous, secure and sanitised; no human being can ever read about your personality ‘character’ unless you expressly choose to share it with specific people. Swim on .....

Discover your personality profile